Source code for fluidsimfoam.solvers

Define and use solvers

.. autosummary::



import importlib
from functools import partial
from pkgutil import ModuleInfo
from types import ModuleType

from fluidsim_core import loader
from import InfoSolverCore

from ..log import logger

available_solvers = partial(
    loader.available_solvers, entrypoint_grp="fluidsimfoam.solvers"
available_solvers.__doc__ = """\
Returns a dictionary of all registered solvers registered as an entrypoint.

import_cls_simul = partial(
    loader.import_cls_simul, entrypoint_grp="fluidsimfoam.solvers"
import_cls_simul.__doc__ = """Import the Simul class of a solver."""

[docs]def is_package(module): """Checks if a module is a package or not. As of PEP 451 this information is also available on the module’s __spec__.submodule_search_locations attribute, which will not be None for packages. Parameters ---------- module: str or module Returns ------- bool """ if isinstance(module, str): spec = importlib.util.find_spec(module) elif isinstance(module, ModuleType): spec = module.__spec__ elif isinstance(module, ModuleInfo): return module.ispkg else: raise ValueError(f"Cannot process {type(module)}") return spec.submodule_search_locations is not None
[docs]def get_solver_package(name_solver): """Return name of the solver package by checking the ``snek5000.solvers`` entrypoint group. Parameters ---------- name_solver: str Short name of the solver Returns ------- str """ entrypoint = available_solvers()[name_solver] try: # importlib.metadata.entry_points (fluidsim_core > 0.6.0) module = entrypoint.module except AttributeError: module = entrypoint.module_name if is_package(module): return module else: return module.rpartition(".")[0]
[docs]def get_solver_short_name(path_dir): """Detects short name of the solver from ``info_solver.xml`` if present or the path. Parameters ---------- path_dir: path-like Path to a simulation directory Returns ------- short_name: str """ info_solver_xml = path_dir / "info_solver.xml" if not info_solver_xml.exists(): info_solver_xml = path_dir / ".data_fluidsim/info_solver.xml" if info_solver_xml.exists(): info_solver = InfoSolverCore(path_file=info_solver_xml) short_name = info_solver.short_name else: logger.warning( f"The {info_solver_xml} file is missing! " "Attempting to guess solver from the directory name." ) short_name = path_dir.absolute().name.split("_")[0] return short_name