Preliminary: introduction on OpenFOAM classical workflow

Let’s recall that working with OpenFOAM involves:

  • setting up a directory with different files defining a simulation, in particular system/controlDict, system/fsSolution, constant/transportProperties and files describing the initial conditions.

  • running commands to create the mesh and launch the simulation.

To restart a simulation or create another simulation from a previous one, other manual file manipulations are necessary.

Then, some output files can be analyzed and used to produce figures and movies.

Fluidsimfoam is a unified framework providing a Python API and shell commands to help us for these different steps. These tutorials present how it works in practice.

Versions used in these tutorials:

Package         Version
-------         -------
OpenFOAM        1912
fluidsimfoam    0.0.7+editable
fluiddyn        0.5.1
fluidsim_core   0.7.4

Installed solvers: cavity, cbox, dam, multi-region-snappy, phill, sed, tgv