Source code for fluidsimfoam.solvers.base

"""Base class for the ``sim`` object"""

from pathlib import Path
from time import sleep, time

from inflection import underscore

from fluiddyn.util import mpi  # noqa: F401
from fluidsim_core.solver import SimulCore
from fluidsimfoam.log import logger
from fluidsimfoam.params import Parameters

[docs]class SimulFoam(SimulCore): """Base OpenFOAM Fluidsim solver.""" Parameters = Parameters @classmethod def _complete_params_with_default(cls, params): pass
[docs] @classmethod def create_default_params(cls): # TODO: needed because abstract method in fluidsim-core=<0.7.2 params = super().create_default_params() return params
def __init__(self, params): super().__init__(params) self._objects_to_print = "{:28s}{}\n".format("sim: ", type(self)) dict_classes = self.info_solver.import_classes() # initialize objects for cls_name, Class in dict_classes.items(): # only initialize if Class is not the Simul class if isinstance(self, Class): continue obj_name = underscore(cls_name) setattr(self, obj_name, Class(self)) self._objects_to_print += "{:28s}{}\n".format( f"sim.{obj_name}: ", Class ) if "Output" in dict_classes: if not params.NEW_DIR_RESULTS: self.path_run = self.output.path_run = Path(params.path_run) else: # path_run would be initialized by the Output instance if available # See self.output._init_name_run() self.path_run = Path(self.output.path_run) self.output.post_init() else: self.path_run = None if mpi.rank == 0: logger.warning("No output class initialized!") self.input_files = self.output.input_files
[docs] def stop_time_loop(self, stop_at="writeNow", verbose=True): if verbose: print("Telling OpenFOAM to stop... (overwrite controlDict file)") t_stop = time() ctr_dict = ctr_dict["stopAt"] = stop_at ctr_dict.overwrite() process = self.make.process if process is None: return while process.poll() is None: # touch needed (strange OpenFOAM bug?) (self.path_run / "system/controlDict").touch() sleep(0.05) if verbose: saved_directories = sorted( for path in self.path_run.glob("*") if[0].isdigit() ) print(f"\rsaved times {saved_directories}", end="") if verbose: print( f"\nSimulation stopped {time() - t_stop:.2f} s " f"after `stopAt = {stop_at}`" )